About Diagnologix

Diagnologix is a new startup firm that focuses on developing innovative diagnostic tools and products for unmet medical needs. The firm is a rich intellectual resource for developing simple solutions to standard medical practices, using state-of-the-art technologies. It develops new products that aim to bridge the gap between theoretical ideas and actual medical practice, a vision often overlooked in academic institutes. The final products will be tested in rigorous academic settings enabled by fruitful collaborations.

Headquartered in San Diego, Diagnologix benefits from a regional environment rich in global biotech clusters, which helps nurture its growth in a complex industry. The company's regional and national network of academic and industrial researchers, as well as business and service providers, enables it to grow innovative solutions for unmet clinical needs. As a startup, Diagnologix, LLC benefits from this strong network, focusing on its core technology with the support from collaborative firms with diverse specialties. For example, the Diagnologix, LLC is developing upstream technologies to isolate rare circulating tumor cells for in vitro culture using matrix microarray technology developed by MicroStem, Inc.; in collaboration with investigators at UCSD, the technology is being prepared for clinical applications.